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Who am I?
Growing up as a graphic designer, I have helped employees and clients develop corporate and brand identities. I am an accomplished designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in print and web design. I have over seven years of experience as a graphic and web designer
At a very early age, I began an interest in art. Anything that interested me, I would draw and create other different types of media that would explore my creativity. As the years went by in my youth into high school I knew I would pursue a career in art. Not really knowing what type of career in art I would pursue, I enrolled at Bowling Green State University to test my skills in the graphic design field. During my years at Bowling Green I gained a strong foundation in the fine arts, typography skills, imaging, and page layout design. I feel a solid understanding of these skills appeal to the viewer in a visual presence. Also, I gained the knowledge of skills of a 2D foundation artist. My main skill in this field is drawing using pencil and charcoal.
After college I landed a position at a local newspaper outside my hometown as an ad designer. My responsibilities there were creating and updating ads for the newspaper. After working there I received a graphic design position at bioWorld, so I made the move to Columbus, Ohio, which was one of my goals after college. At bioWorld my main responsibility was creating the company’s catalog. Some other duties were creating magazine ads, business cards, labels, and web banners. After that I was hired as the art director at BigThumb, a IT / MIS company. My responsibilities ranged from print to web design. Currently, I also contract various freelance graphic design opportunities. These positions have taught me strong computer skills, and a creative vision to appeal to a broader audience.

Please browse through my portfolio to see some work samples I have created. If you have any questions, pleaseĀ contact me.



Why Choose Me

  • 100% custom designs
  • Easy design order procedure
  • Logo Design
  • No pre-made design templates or design generating softwares
  • Professional approach to any project
  • High quality graphics on your website
  • Experienced website designer
  • Affordable, cutting-edge solutions for complex tasks
  • Interactive
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My Skills

  • Logo Design
    A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding...
  • Graphic Design
    Graphic Design is basically about the communication of ideas through visual means. Typically this will involve aspects...
  • Web Design
    I am a web/graphic designer. I tend to mostly deal with of a graphics stand point, but...
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Phone: 419-733-3007 E-mail: mhegemier@markhegemieronline.com